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948 Power Conditioner


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The quality of the power supply has become one of the most important components of a high-end music system. Because of the switchable power supplies of computers, TV sets, microwave ovens or light dimmers high-frequency noise and DC components are super- imposed on the mains supply. At times the standing DC component is big enough to cause hum in normally quiet transformers. Also, the sound coming from a music system may change depending on the time of day or day of the week, suddenly becoming colorless and weaker. For the dynamic suppression of superimposed DC components Burmester has developed a patented switching circuitry. Additionally, the 948 contains top-quality filters against high-frequency noise.

About our Power Management

The world is a big scary place and unfortunately you need to plug your stereo into it. Most assume that the power we use is clean 120 volt electricity, but that simply isn't the case. Your power is shared with the entire neighborhood and everything they plug in adds noise to your power line. Devices large and small, from refrigerators to a light dimmers pollute your power line and squashes the dynamics of your stereo and increasing the noise floor. Your equipment does not work to its potential and your listening experience suffers. Addressing it is important, but there are a number of ways to do it. Sometimes passive filtering power distribution devices work well and other cases call for a full isolation transformer to eliminate the noise. We are experienced in evaluating your unique power needs and make recomendations based on need and budget. In any case, the result will be a much better listening experience for you.


When only the finest will do, choose Burmester Audio. Completely handmade in Berlin, Germany from hand seleted components, Burmester designs and builds products that set the standard to high fidelity. Synonomous with quality, even the finest European car makers contract Burmester to design and build audio products for their flagship automobiles. Unbeleive looks, engineering and sound make Burmester the clear solution for those who want to make an investment for outstanding sound designed to last a lifetime.

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