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Audio cables are often overlooked when selecting a stereo system. It is important to keep in mind that it is the cables that turn stereo equipment into a stereo *system*. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation and unsubstantiated claims about cable performance that make the selection process much harder than it should be and requires a partner to help sort it all out. Lets get one thing straight: All audio products are bound by the exact same set of scientific rules. That is, every cable exhibits some amount of impedance, capacitance and inductance and use somewhat comperable materials: copper, silver etc. Yet, changing one cable for another in your stereo will cause the music to change. Sometimes signficantly. Why is that? The reason is that along with the materials and properties of the cable one must include the designer and how those materials are used. These designers understand the laws and of physics yet are able to work with materials to maximize their performance while minimizing their deficiencies. There are many approaches to designing and building audio cables and reputable cable manufacturers will share their approach and design philosphy. Unfortunately there are a lot of copycat makers who make dubious performance claims about their products. We cut through the jargon and only work with reputable manufacturers who have a long track record of good performance and will be there to support their products to the fullest.

If a salesman tells you that their audio cables add to the system, what they are really telling you is the cables are masking the source material and coloring the sound. Sometimes that sound is pleasant. Most times it is not. Rather, Inakustik beleives that the laws of science and physics apply to audio cable manufacture and the goal should be to do as little harm to the original signal as possible. For over four decades In-akustiks has researched and developed audio cable products with that soke intent: let the music flow without changing it. And the

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