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N1/N100 Streamer





Dual Ethernet ports - dedicated PLAYER port and LAN port


Direct MELCO Ethernet Purifier Mode for ethernet based DAC's

Network Inputs

Ethernet, USB

Network Outputs

Ethernet, USB

Data Control

Audio grade ultra-low jitter internal data clock with precision low jitter clock buffer


Dual Internal Drives, external NAS storage

Streaming Platform

Melco HD player with Quboz and Tidal Integration

About our Network Audio Streamer

In the good old days, audiophiles used CD's to play digital music. Now, many are ditching the disc in favor of streaming music. Whether the music comes from a local server or the internet, you will need to add a network audio streamer to your system to make it happen. Network audio streamers are available with varying options, but all perform the same basic purpose: fetch a music file (e.g. song) and hand it off to your Digital/Analog Converter (DAC) where it is converted into "music". In essence, a network streamer is a small specialized computer with a custom audio interface. The difficulty with network streamers is that on paper they all seem to offer very similar functionality. But when using them, the quality of the music playback will be very different from brand to brand. This seems strange as the device doesn't generate music itself, it is just transfering a computer file from one point to another. There are many technical reasons for this but it can be safely said that there is a reason one streamer is $500 and one is $15,000. Which one is right for you? It depends on your expectations. We have evaluated many streaming devices and offer brands from entry level to the absolute higest fidelity. To understand the why a streamer can make such a huge difference in your listening enjoyment, please contact us so we can share our experiences.


Melco Audio is a subsidiary of one of the largest computer peripheral manufacturers in the world. Located in Japan, Using the knowledge and expertise found within the company, Melco designs and manufactures one of the finest network audio streamers available today. Melco continues to pursue greater performance and always produces a top shelf product.

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