10″ long throw flat carbon fiber honeycomb bass driver, tuned to 27 Hz, first order crossover


6″ custom-made woodcone bass-midrange driver, 1st order low pass filter, no high pass filter, ash tree phase plug, magnet structure force fit mounted to the whole wooden mass of enclosure


3″ custom-made widebander, 1st order high pass filter, unique electromechanical 8-cm spiral parallel resonator installed

About our Loudspeakers

Designing a world class loudspeaker is one part science and one part art. The finest propel you into the music, immersing you in the pace, rhythm and naturalness of the music. The rest sound like a stereo; fun but not an engaging experience. The finest designers in the world have found to go beyond audio measurements to take their sound to a higher level of performance. Hand selected materials, unique design approaches and beautiful cabinetry sets the best apart. The best loudspeaker manufacturers are few and far between, but well worth the search. We have partnered with a select few loudspeaker makers and make them available for you to privately audition in our special listening room. We have to warn you that once you hear how a good loudspeaker can take you away, it will be hard for you to put up with anything less.

Boenicke Audio was founded in 1999. In today’s hifi market with an overwhelming number of brands (some say 20,000 worldwide!), we’ve scrutinized each of our products, asking ourselves, “does anyone really need this?” So Boenicke Audio has grown slowly and organically, not focusing on the number of units to be sold but rather on the quality and relevancy of our products. Today, Sven Boenicke is considered one of the most forward thinking speaker designers in the market and each offering fills a very unique niche in the marketplace and offers the finest product available.

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